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Fiddle Lessons: “Cherokee Shuffle”

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'd like to play one of my favorite fiddle
tunes now.
This one is called The Cherokee Shuffle,
it's related to a tune called Lost Indian,
but it's a little bit more developed.
It's actually got a four-bar tag at the
end of the second part.
Unlike the.
Lost Indian tune.
But it's, it's just a beautiful tune.
Actually sort of has a little story and
I usually introduce it in concert as
Cherokee Shuttle.
And just dedicate it to our brave shuttle
So that's.
Neither here nor there at this point
because I think they stopped flying
the shuttle by the time you're gonna see
But got some great you know,
it's always great to get out of your
neighborhood for a little while.
So let's think about that.
So thing about this tune.
This tune is gonna be in A.
We're gonna play this in A.
It's been played in G.
It's been played in other keys.
But it's nice in A because you get to jump
up into third position for
a couple of things.
The first part is fairly simple.
we go to a F-sharp minor, the relative
minor of A major, right.
So that's kind of nice.
And then the second part is.
Right that's the second part of the first
So the whole first part is.
Alright so that's the whole thing.
Whole first part right there.
So we have a nice little chord
It goes A.
You have
the opportunity to play your fourth finger
against A and just make that.
so you have all those double stops
available there.
And then we jump up.
And there, we have that pesky fourth
interval there, where we're using, this is
a little easier.
Because you know, the first finger C# F#.
And that's really important to get that in
So again we start with the lowest note.
Make sure that's pretty in tune, and then
This is an interesting note for a lot of
fiddles, because a lot of fiddles have
a kind of a peculiar ring to them when you
play the F-sharp against the C-sharp.
you wanna spend a little bit of time
making sure that you.
Get that well in tune, and then we go to.
Right, so, then it goes to the D.
I just played it at, two different ways.
I'd play it with a pickup.
Or you can play.
Depending on your mood at the time.
So that's pretty much the whole first
Now, the second part we go back and forth
between a four chord and a one chord.
that's the first part of the second
part.We can see that we jump
up to third position.
We could do that.
So, usually, what I do, is I just play an
open E, right before I
jump up to the third position.
So, here we go.
That's one way to do it.
And that seems to be probably the best
And then you can play that C sharp note.
With the open a and
that's a very nice sound.
If it's in tune.
And of course it's kind of easy to
get this in tune.
Because it's kind of a natural node of
intonation for most fiddles.
And then we go back on the second part,
of the second part.
Same thing starts the same.
So this is where we have
those extra couple of bars.
That's one way to play it.
Here's another way to play it.
So that little tag.
Is the same tag as
we used in the first part, so that's.
One way that you could play that.
And of course
that is the F sharp again and that's where
we have our little extra couple of bars.
And then we just have the tag.
And then that whole thing repeats.
Play it again the whole thing together.
One, and two, so we have that little pick
up, one and go.
And then the whole thing starts over
So let's try the Cherokee Shuttle.
Here is the Turkey shuffle, key A.
One, two one, two, go.