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Jazz Sax Lessons: “Jingle Bells”

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Okay, now it's time to play another
great Christmas classic, Jingle Bells.
So as you're looking at this chart,
I'm gonna be playing my tenor once again.
So I'm looking at my B flat tenor and
soprano saxophone's chart and if you're
playing alto or if you're playing
baritone, read off the E flat part, okay?
One thing to look at in this chart
that we haven't seen thus far
which is the repeat at
the end of the chart.
Down at the bottom we have the D,
C al Fine,
which means del capo, which means the top.
And it means Del capo to fine, to the end.
So at that point you repeat
back to the very top and
you stop where it says end in Italian,
which is fine.
So when we get to the bottom, you're
going to see a lot of different repeat
signs too,
this is another version of a repeat.
That way it just makes it much easier to
read a chart and not have to have 20 pages
of music in front of you, especially when
you're playing the same thing repeated.
So yeah, so again,
just make sure when you get to the bottom,
you go to the top and
end where it says fine.
It'll make sense because that is the way
you're used to hearing the song too.
All right, so here we go,
here comes Jingle Bells.