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Jazz Sax Lessons: “The Christmas Song”

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Here's another great Christmas classic for
The Mel Torme classic The Christmas Song.
So the only thing about this chart
is that it's taking up three pages.
So I'm playing my alto, I'm looking at my
E flat alto in baritone saxophones chart.
So you have those here
attached to this lesson.
So make sure you print out all these,
actually all these songs that you want
to play and if you're playing tenor, make
sure you print out the B flat part too.
There's nothing in this chart that
I see that you haven't seen before.
Just be aware of the tides.
I tried to write in, places where you
can breathe in the form of rests.
And obviously I don't want you to
pass out while you're playing this,
so if you need to breathe somewhere,
absolutely go for it.
So, I'm just gonna,
I'm playing these tempos at random.
And I want you to follow along.
The important thing is to keep your sound.
Make sure you remember
that you're playing music.
You're reading a chart but
you're still wanting to sound your best.
So, as I play it, feel free to
follow along with me and they each,
no matter what horn you're playing it'll
work because even though your tenor,
may be in a different key than my alto,
because those charts are transposed,
you'll, we'll be playing
in perfect unison.
Okay, here we go, ready?
I was gonna say, too.
Make sure that if any of
these songs you're having,
you're having any
difficulty with the notes,
obviously play them on your own
before playing along with me.
But it would be great too,
if you would film yourself playing any or
all of these songs and send me that
video so I can take a look and
give you any constructive
comments if needed.
Okay, so here is the Christmas Song.