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Jazz Sax Lessons: “All the Things You Are”

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All right, so here is our final song
in this basic session of my school here.
It's called all the things you are.
Great jazz classic.
So I chose this song because I want to
make sure you know this son first of all.
It's a great tune.
But I'm using it throughout the school.
In the intermediate section, I'm using
it as as starting point to improvising.
It's not really the starting point.
It's actually, you're going to see
it in improvising 103 prior to it.
I've talked about Improvising and,
you know, how to create
licks over particular chords and all that
sort of rudimentary stuff, actually.
But it all comes together in improvising
103 in the intermediate section,
and I use, All the things you are,
as our template.
Then in the advanced section,
we go back to the song.
I'm gonna do a performance of the tune,
so you can not only will you be
able to hear what I would do
if I were playing that song.
Not just what I would do,
but I will be doing it.
And I'm gonna be encouraging you
not only to be playing the melody,
but phrase the melody and to.
Improvise over the track provided for
you as well.
On this lesson you have an MP3
track provided for you.
So I'm gonna play it by myself acapella,
and you're welcome to join me.
I'm playing a alto, so I'm on the E
flat alto and baritone saxophones chart.
If you're playing the tenor you wanna be
on the B flat tenor, and soprano chart.
Looking at this song,
nothing you haven't seen.
There's not even any pick ups, so you
don't even have to worry about that, but
I'm in the key of F.
The key of F is one flat, exactly.
And if you're playing a tenor or
soprano it is two flats, okay.
Rhythmically, I'm putting on my
glasses and actually looking.
In bar 29 there's a quarter
note triplet to be aware of.
And make sure you know that those
three quarter note triplets
fall in the space of two beats.
Just make sure that rhythmically
that falls into place.
And you'll hear me play that too.
I'm gonna play that now.
I'm gonna count it off.
If you wanna play along with me.
I encourage that.
And then you're also gonna have.
Like I say, a track.
And I'm gonna play along with the track.
And I encourage you to play along
with me with the track, and
also you get to have some fun and
just play with the track yourself.
So here's my acappella version
of All The Things You Are.