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Jazz Sax Lessons: Introduction to Intermediate Saxophone

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Hey there.
Congratulations on making it to my
intermediate section of my artist's work
Before you move forward, I wanna make sure
that you feel comfortable with everything
you've done in the basic section.
If you are a basic player,
and moving on forward,
the pitfall of getting into things
too early is that very often,
you can develop bad habits by
not starting off correctly.
By not using your air correctly or
having your embouchure set,
using your tonguing, the right fingerings,
hand positions, all that stuff.
So if you have any questions before moving
forward, make sure you hit those lessons
in the basic session, just to solidify
everything and make sure it's all set.
In this intermediate section we
are going to be covering all
kinds of diferrent topics starting
with my top-secret warm up.
All kinds of different scales and
arpeggios to get you ready for
improvising in those scales we
have major scale exercises,
harmonic minor, natural minor, diminished
scales, pentatonic, all the modes.
We're also gonna be working on
the notes of various melodies and
phrasing certain melodies.
And improvising over tunes like Get Here,
Blue Bossa,
Sunny, Quiet Nights, If I Were A Bell.
What else?
I'm also gonna be covering various
jazz inflections, reverse tonguing,
how to tongue correctly, of course,
muted tonguing, vibrato.
And all kinds of different ways of
bending your notes, and slurring,
and just every kind of inflection
I think you're gonna wanna have.
Plus, we're gonna be working on
playing the blues, of course.
No curriculum would be
complete without a blues.
And we have a basic version of the blues
we're going to go with for you,
an intermediate version and
an advanced version as well.
So stay tuned for
all kinds of improvisation and
jazz lessons here in
the intermediate school.