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Jazz Sax Lessons: Intermediate Improvisation: Using Pentatonics & Minor

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>> Okay.
So here's an intermediate look,
if you will, at our use of pentatonics,
and blues scales.
We're gonna play over this
track your funky track loop,
that you have right there.
As a next step of our basic approach,
I want you to feel free to, to maybe,
you know, expand your use of the scale,
your harmonic approach.
Meaning, that just use more of
the scale than just the arpeggio notes,
the root, third, fifth and seventh.
And then try also to use more
things rhythmically as you're
gonna hear me do here in a second.
And it's okay to double up
the time here and there.
But make use of the things that we've been
working on in terms of the articulation,
you're gonna hear some from me,
some muted tonguing and
obviously some short notes and long notes
and all kinds of different articulations.
But, what I'm really trying to
do when I play is use those,
but really stay in time.
This track is obviously very metronomic.
There's no doubt about
where the time is for sure.
It's not ambiguous whatsoever.
Don't be ambiguous in your
approach to the track.
You can be a little bit more experimental,
if you will, and do different things but
don't get too far afield in terms
of chromatics and all that.
The whole point for
the purpose of this lesson,
is to use your minor pentatonic and
blues scales and see how they're working.
Hey, the track is totally yours, so
you can rock it however you
want to on your own for sure.
But for this lesson, really try to
keep with the notes of the scale.
That way you can keep yourself
on track and justified.
Okay, so here we go.
With a funky track loop.