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Jazz Sax Lessons: Improvising 103: Play All the 3rds

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>> So
we just played all the routes
throughout this entire piece of music.
As we're playing, make sure that
you're playing along with the track.
However, if the track is too quick.
I mean, it's a good idea to do this
on your own in free time so you can,
you really make sure you know your
arpeggio's as you're playing.
Cause this next step is that we're gonna
play all the thirds of each of the chords.
So, you know perhaps a good
progression actually would be
just to do it in free time and
make sure you know all your thirds,
if you don't, by doing this you will.
And then establishing a time
you can use a metronome or
not, but try to keep it going.
And then you know lastly use the track and
play along.
That way not only are you
staying in time but
you're also hearing what
the third sounds like.
It's important, it's important
you're training process as well.
So we're gonna play all the way from
top to bottom.
Know that, if you don't know already
that in a jazz tune like this, if you're
on a jam session or playing in a band and
somebody calls All The Things You Are,
you're not just going to play the song
one time down and be done with it.
It'd be a very short jam session.
The form just repeats to the top.
I could have put repeats on the chart,
but you wouldn't normally see that so
I didn't want to do that.
Just know that somebody
hands you a lead sheet and
it's there, know that when they say,
let's play the whole form three times,
you know that the whole
form means the entire song.
So in this case we're gonna
play it down just once.
Your track has it run three times,
by the way?
And so you got plenty of time
to practice these exercises.
So, here we go,
we're gonna start at the top, and
play all the thirds of each chord.
If you're unaware, or less familiar
with what the thirds are of each chord,
make sure you learn them.
Go back to the arpeggios sections and
make sure you have those down.
Here we go with playing
a linear guide tone line,
playing all the thirds of each chord.