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Jazz Sax Lessons: Improvising 103: Play All the 5ths

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Okay, so we've played
all the roots of the whole song.
We've played all the thirds
of the whole song.
Now, you guessed it,
we're going to play all the fifths.
This is a great way of connecting
your theory with the song.
Again, this is now Getting a little
farther away from the roots.
It easy to play the roots
because you have the roots
alphabetically named right there.
You look at the names of the each cord and
you got it.
But now with the thirds and
fifths, what we are about to do.
And the sevenths, you got to obviously
know the chords and arpeggios quite well.
So again,
make sure that you have those learned.
I can't tell you how obviously
important that is, and
this makes that painfully obvious.
Okay, so here we go.
We're going to play Fire Up Your Track.
If you want to play along with me,
absolutely, but
when you're playing on your own,
you've got your track there to use, and
again make sure you just
play it in free time.
Make sure you know all those fifths,
and be aware.
Of, you know what the fifth is on
the diminished chord for instance, and
you know all the couple
of less obvious chords.
So here's the track.
Ready, we're gonna play all
the fifths of the chords in.
In time with the rhythm section.
Off we go.