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Jazz Sax Lessons: Improvising 103: Play All the 7ths

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it's time to play all the sevenths of each
of these chords in all the things you are.
This one is a little more extended.
It requires all the rest but
perhaps even more for you to know.
All the seventh arpeggios, so,
if you're not up on those and
you start doing this exercise you're gonna
know whether you're up on those or not.
So this will be a good, definitely
a good test of your knowledge of your
seventh degrees of your seventh chords.
As I'm doing all these.
So far you know we played all the roots.
All the thirds.
All the fifths.
And all the sevenths.
Just like when you're playing
a basic melody or anything else,
you know it's an exercise.
But you wanna make it musical.
That's what's gonna happen next
is creating our guide tone line.
Where we.
It's our choice of which part
of the arpeggio to play.
So but even though you're
restricted to very specific notes,
we're creating melodies,
we're always creating melodies.
We're still improvising at this point.
It's an exercise.
You have a prescribed rule to follow.
But you do have a choice
of which octave to play and
that plays a huge part in the melody.
And you're thinking of
that all melodically and
you're thinking of it linearly.
You're creating a line
going across the song.
So, let's play all
of the sevenths of each of these chords
in All the Things You Are, one time down.
Here we go.