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Jazz Sax Lessons: Improvising 103: Putting it All Together

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Okay so here's where
we put it all together.
So we started remember by playing
all the roots of every chord,
we played all the thirds, we played
all the fifths, all the sevenths.
And then we played our chord note line,
making sure that
the first note of each chord is
your first note of your line.
And then we use some chromaticism and
we change the rhythm.
Now it's up to you.
You can do whatever you want to do.
I encourage you, however,
as you're playing, and
as you can hear me play To make
sure you stay true to the chords.
That's what this whole exercise is about.
Whenever you're playing, you wanna make
sure that you can hear the direction of
the harmony that you're playing isn't
random, that it makes sense musically.
And so as you're playing along just
make sure you can use whatever
rhythms you want to, you don't have
to hear the chord tone as your very
first note of that chord necessarily but
I wouldn't wait too long.
You can play some approached notes too,
to your arpeggio notes,
to the main notes of the chord.
But anyway, it's improvisation.
I was gonna say free improvisation,
but that's not true.
You wanna make sure we are implementing
everything we've worked on in
this lesson to get to this point so
that you're free.
You're playing as melodically
open to whatever you wanna play,
but that it still following
along the song harmonically.
So, I'm gonna go ahead and
play this chart for you.
And here we go.
Here is All the Things You Are.
>> [MUSIC]