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Jazz Sax Lessons: “Sunny”

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Here's another song for us to read and
play along with the track.
It's the old classic, Sunny.
As you see,
as you see in front of me right here, and
as you see in front of
yourself right there.
If you printed out your PDF,
you've got a chart there.
B flat chart for,
I'm playing tenor on this one.
For us tenor and soprano players,
and E flat chart for
the alto and baritone players.
So, and make sure too that
you've downloaded the track,
now there's two tracks along with
all these reading tunes here,
the same track but two versions.
One shorter for
the version that we're going to be playing
along with as we just play the melody, and
there'll be a longer one as we get
into the improvising side of it.
And my performance of the song a little
farther down in my curriculum
here in my school.
So, in looking at this chart, Sunny,
what's the first thing we look at?
This chart, it's the key signature.
So you always want to remember
that as you're playing along,
making sure that in the case of this song.
For us tenor players on this one,
we're playing in two sharps,
which is the key of D.
So all of our F sharps and all of our
C sharps, F sharps, C, where's the C.
Let me see if I'm missing any.
You know, wow,
the song doesn't have any C sharps.
You don't have to worry
about that [LAUGH].
So, for the alto and baritone players
reading on the alto and baritone chart.
You're going to have three sharps
because you're playing in the key of A.
There's not much here that
you haven't seen before.
You've got your repeat sign so
you know when you get to the end
to repeat back to the top.
And yeah, straightforward.
It's a cool tune.
I'm going to play it free,
you're welcome to play along with me.
And, I'm just gonna count it off so
you're welcome to fire along.
Here we go.
And one, two, one, two, go.
Three, four, one.
Two, three, four.
[MUSIC] Three, four, one. [MUSIC]
we go.
So there it is.
So, if I were to play this tune with more
than inflections, by the way, more scoops,
more vibrato, more bends or whatever.
There's not a ton.
But it would sound more like this.
Okay, a one, a two, a one two.
So all my little lip turns and
all my scoops and bends and
vibrato and grace notes and
all those kind of things,
you're gonna find individual lessons
in my curriculum in the school here,
on each of those little
inflections ideas and
techniques as a way to do them.
We don't want to over do them certainly,
but you wanna know how to do them right,
so I'm gonna make sure
that you're able to.
Okay so
now we're gonna play along with the track.
You can hear the track that we're gonna
play along with right here on this video.
You can certainly play it along
with the track that is provided for
you on your own and work on that.
So, but for now why don't you
play along with me, okay?
You'll be able to hear
the track just fine.
So, here we go.
This is Sunny.
Okay, fun song
it takes me back.
It's an oldy moldy but a very goody.
Cool, so
from the reading stand point again,
we just played it and you know, it's
pretty straight forward, it's a fun one.
It's one that you're gonna, you know,
probably use some inflections.
But, you wanna make sure that, you know,
straightforward playing first,
inflections later.
Just like a little bit of salt and
pepper, a little bit of spice here and
there if you're gonna
use inflections at all.
But, remember, it's really important
when you're reading anything to be
able to play something totally straight.
Without any inflection what so ever.
It's so
often the case that we inflect things.
We scoop something.
We put a vibrato on something.
We fall off a note or whatever.
Totally by habit.
I've had student's come over and
play they'll play something for me.
And they'll, you know,
be doing some sort of crazy vibrato.
And I'll say, you're doing some
sort of crazy vibrato, and
they'll say, okay, I won't do that.
And they'll play again and
it will sound exactly the same.
And they'll say, how was that?
And I'll say, well, it was good except
you're still doing that crazy vibrato.
So, it becomes such a habit that you're
not even aware that you're doing it.
So, the great idea to record
yourself in any, this or whatever.
Record yourself playing something,
whether it's a long tone.
Totally smart.
A scale, exercise, a song, and
make sure that you're playing
completely generically,
without any addition of any extra stuff.
No no inflections whatsoever.
And then, it's a matter of adding a little
spice, a little salt and pepper here and
there that makes music fun and
exciting and Musical.
So yeah, a definite word to the wise.
Make sure that the first
you play anything,
no matter how inflected
it's going to end up being,
you're able to play it completely straight
without any of that stuff at all.
All right, very good.
Have fun playing this tune.
Like all these songs,
like anything frankly, but
all these songs perhaps in particular.
If you wanna perform them on video and
send those videos my way,
I'm more than happy, that's why I'm here.
More than happy to give
you critiques on those.
Performances and it will help you get
to where you want to get to way faster.
Alright have fun.
>> [MUSIC]