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Jazz Sax Lessons: Introduction to Advanced Saxophone

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Welcome to the advanced
section of my Artist Works School.
Thank you for
checking out all these lessons.
If you are looking at these lessons
you're going for it, that's great.
I did put these lessons sort of in
a sequence that I felt was a good learning
direction, linearly in terms
of the order of lesson.
But hey, if you see anything in this
advanced section that looks interesting to
you, absolutely, by all means, obviously,
go for it, and check them out.
And same thing if you are coming into
the school as an advanced player.
I really do encourage you to look at a lot
of the things in the intermediate school
and the basic school as well,
as far as embouchure and hand position,
throw positions, air, moving your air,
tone production, because
it's just really important to make sure
that you're just checking with yourself.
Not that I'm the end-all or anything,
but I did put the school
together very carefully.
With the ideas that I had in mind for
creating the best sound you can get.
For creating your sound I should say.
And developing your technique,
articulation, everything.
You know, in the best way I felt
would be a good way to teach.
So, I invite you to browse through,
you know, take it perhaps in order but,
in this school I take some of the concepts
in terms of practicing, ear training,
improvisation, technique building,
tone production, and
take them to the next level.
So have a look, and
as your checking them out and encouraging
you with all these lessons, with all
the play alongs that you have available,
that we're making available to you.
And the PDFs of the exercises and things.
If you have a question about them,
ask me on my forum.
And if you have any, you know,
if you can perform them for
me whether it's an exercise or a song,
please shoot that video to me so
I can shoot you back a response and
that's how we're going to,
we're going to work together.
So, thanks so much for being here in
my advanced section of the school and
I have a great time with it and
we'll see you by way of video.