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Jazz Sax Lessons: Finger Twisters #2: Exercise 11-20

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here are Finger Twisters number two.
Just like Finger Twisters number one,
same idea, different twisters.
Now these 11 through 20 if
you're looking at your sheet.
They are a little bit higher,
a little bit twistier.
The idea of these when I was writing
them was just to find little,
I didn't just write them randomly,
I was trying to find little issues.
You know, combinations of B flat for
instance, or F sharp to F,
or just certain things that felt
a little a little bit like they, certain
combinations that could use a little
bit of tender loving care, so to speak.
So for these I've got my
metronome set down at 80, and
again they're a little,
call them finger twisters for a reason.
So take a look at them, And
when you're ready to play them in tempo,
play them in tempo.
Play slow so
you can really lock in the technique and
make sure they're all nice and
smooth from one to the next.
So I'm playing them all legato And
just like on all the rest,
I'll say it on each of these,
make sure you vary your articulation.
And vary the tempo, too, but
never faster than you can control.
So here are finger twisters 11 through 20,
and you're going to hear my metronome,
and I've got it set at eighty.
All right.