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Jazz Sax Lessons: Finger Twisters #3: Exercise 21-30

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So, if you've been playing along and
you're here at number three,
on my third finger twisters,
you'll realize that not only
are they finger twisters,
but they're embouchure busters as well.
You know the whole point of
these exercises is to get your
endurance going and to get your
cleanliness of each note going.
And, just improve your
technique in general.
Your fingers just know that
everything is getting a work out.
Your air, your fingers, but your
embouchure is definitely in play as well.
So here's number three.
These are 21 through 30.
There's 50 all together.
As you can see there are five
different finger twister lessons.
I book them up into ten.
So, you know, a little more bite sized,
but feel free to put all five
of these sheets together and
rock them all together at the same time.
And just twist the heck
out of your fingers, and
beat the heck out of your embouchure.
[LAUGH] Because yeah,
that's my whole job here.
Is just, you know, work you,
work you into the ground.
We're improving our technique drastically.
So right on.
I've got my metronome this time set at 90.
I'm gonna play them all legato.
I'd encourage you as you practice on your
own, to change up the articulations.
But for our exercises together,
we're gonna play them legato.
So here we go, these are finger twisters,
21 through 30.
We're repeating each one four times,
and side note, let me make sure.
Obviously, we need to breath.
Obviously I didn't write any breaths,
or rests.
So in all these, on,
at the end of the fourth one,
I'm skipping just the last note,
and breathing right there.
It's a pretty brief pause.
But the whole point is to,
you know, we're exercising.
We're not performing, we're working out.
So, breathe obviously when you need to.
If that's not enough time,
then figure it out.
Take two notes or whatever has to happen.
But try to keep, as you're playing, try to
keep the tempo going and the rhythm going,
and don't fall behind the idea of
repeating each one four times, ultimately.
Here we go, 21 through 30.