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Jazz Sax Lessons: Finger Twisters #5: Exercise 41-50

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Okay, here's our last
finger twister, Number 5.
So, I saved the worst for last, yes I did.
These are all quite low and so
it's going to give your left pinky
a run for its money, I guarantee it.
So, these are low, they're going to
take more air so as As you play them.
As indicated, you're gonna
repeat each one four times, but
let's breathe on the fourth time,
you can play the, if you're looking at it,
the downbeat of the third beat and
leave the last three notes out to breathe.
It'll make it a bit easier.
Again, these are gonna take more
air because they Because they
are down low and they're gonna be harder.
So here's the trick with
all these low guys.
Make sure that the rollers
are your friends.
So, when you're playing For instance,
number 44, I need my glasses,
yeah number 44, between, when you're
playing C E flat C E flat C E flat.
See we even have some work out for
your For your right pinky we're
gonna leave that one alone.
Make sure the pressure is on the rollers,
those rollers are definitely there for
a reason, they're your friend so and again
the economy of motion is important to so
if you're going bam, bam,
bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.
Those guys they'll come out much cleaner
if you're actually pushing When I'm going
from E flat here to C, I've got my finger
kinda poised on the roller actually.
Can you see that okay?
I've got my finger on the roller of
the top key, the E flat key, but
I can feel the roller of the bottom key,
the C key.
So I'm going [NOISE] and
just doing that I can feel it in
my hand cuz it has to be solid.
You have to.
Nail that.
So have control.
Make sure you're gonna feel it.
This is going to be exercise for you.
Same thing in all these,
wow 49 between B flat and B.
That one's not for
the squeamish, certainly.
So, as I'm playing B flat to B, I'm going
E, E, E, E and I'm just, there we go.
I'm dealing with that roller.
I have this cool wing
on my On my low B flat,
this is kind of an extension you can find.
In this case I'm not using it, I'm just
kind of going like that, just keeping
my finger as close to the point
where I can hit both keys fine.
I do use that though, if I'm going just
for low B flat, and bam, it's great.
It creates a bigger target for
your left pinkie.
It's very useful actually.
And so I've got my rollers there.
I've, let me point, well I don't think
I left any roller untouched between
the C sharp and the B, B sharp,
B, C sharp, B, same thing.
You wanna make use of those rollers.
So those will all become
incredibly obvious here.
As you're playing the finger
twisters number five.
So let's get into it.
I have my metronome at 190 repeat
each one 4 times and good luck.