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Jazz Sax Lessons: Improvisation: Advanced Blues (Tenor Saxophone)

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>> Okay, so now if you're playing tenor or
soprano, a B flat instrument,
here's a little faster blues for you.
It's a little bit more involved
harmonically, but the same rules apply.
I'm a big advocate of making sure that
you're not only following the changes, but
as you play making sure that every
chord that you're playing is,
well, as I'm thinking I was gonna say
that every chord that you play has to
be said hello too,
you wanna address that chord.
I know that as we improvise things, hey,
music is subjective, and
it's all artistic, right?
And so I keep hammering this point,
it's cool to break certain rules.
Like, of course,
leave certain chords out in uncertain
tunes, different kinds of things.
But you have to start at square one,
you have to know what you're
doing before you can start doing things
other than what's dictated on the paper.
So with that in mind,
I wanna play this track for you.
For us B-flat folks it's in the key of G.
So make sure you've got if you're reading
the changes on this blues make sure you've
got the B flat tenor and soprano saxophone
part and just do different things,
I'm gonna play, it's quite a few courses
so you've got a chance to really stretch
when you play it on your own and I'm
going to start out a little simpler and
maybe do other things and
have you check it out.
Like everything else,
I'd love to hear you play over this.
There's a lot you can do and
I don't want to say there's a lot you
shouldn't do but you know what I'm saying.
Again, we want to walk before we run.
We wanna make sure we're really
locked into the changes before
we get too far afield.
Okay, so here's me, [LAUGH] ready playing
a solo on my tenor over this track.
The PDF is called Blues.
Solo changes for advanced track.
So make sure you have the right track up
so this ones a bit quicker so here we go.