Reviews for our Online Guitar Lessons


"I think the quality level of what you are doing is really quite amazing. I’ve been with you guys 18 months or so – and in that time I’ve seen things grow into a fully-fledged guitar teaching service that I actually could not live without. Thank you for making me a better musician." - Ben

"This type of learning has completely changed my approach to learning guitar for the better.  I've literally learned more in the past three years with ArtistWorks than I had in the previous 20."  - Marcus D

“I've been playing sixteen years and never took a lesson because they looked miserably overwhelming. I watched the first eight of Paul's lessons in a row without even realizing it, and they immediately made me better. Definitely check it out if you play or want to learn. If neither of those apply to you, recommend it to a friend and be their hero. Great times.” - a-ron

"It's so amazing to be learning directly from Paul Gilbert himself, and it feels cool to be somewhere around so many people with good taste in music for a change. This is my new favorite site." - Paris

“You're learning from a true legend in this style of playing. You can't ask for more than that. My playing confidence has really improved and I've been playing for 32 years, but as a do it yourself learner. It is a rare experience.” - Andy H

"This is perfect for beginners- its broken down. I've started from the beginning so I can make sure I understand it all and build a strong foundation of the fundamentals."- Mike O.

“I would just like to express my deepest gratitude towards Martin's efforts on this site. I am a 19 year old jazz guitarist. My guitar teacher Dave recommended the site to me. He can't believe the opportunities people my age have for learning the instrument these days. First of all, this isn't the first I have heard of you. I've been listening to your music for a few years now and really enjoy your playing. What a wonderful opportunity for a musician my age to learn from a master such as Martin.”  - NicholasB

"I just joined the site. I am delighted as much by your teaching method as I am by your playing. Your videos lessons are excellent, and I can tell you are a patient and thoughtful teacher. Looking forward to learning more!" - jazzgboy

"I'm from Brazil and I´m proud to be Bryan's first international student.  I'm a fan since I started being interested in bluegrass music. When I knew about the possibility to be in Bryan's virtual class, I just jumped in! I could never imagine that I would have the possibility to get some specific bluegrass lessons with one of my Guitar Heros! I'm very glad with the oportunity to learn with a musician that I really admire." - Mauro

“I'm really enjoying the lessons….I've been strumming for years and after the first 10 lessons in Basic my playing has improved a lot... I'll be sticking with this..” - duane_steele

"The fact that Andreas shares his knowledge is fantastic, but specially that he cares about the students, and is involved personally; that's very noticeable around here, and is  a huge plus." - joaopaz

“This site is amazing. I am a scientist by day, and a lot of my work consists of figuring out how people interact with computers. This site is really something new and fresh, and is a great tool for learning. I am very much impressed by Andreas's commitment and devotion to teaching while touring around the globe.” - GypsyJoe

"I think you have hit the nail on the head! The Dobro players in my part of the world are few and far between. To find someone to ask a question, is not happening. This is a great asset for people like me that have never played anything but the radio, and decide to start." - tp3

"It's tough trying to find a good teacher and resource material when you live in a rural area with limited access to other Dobro players so I am pretty excited about the prospects here. Being new at all of this (and "internet-challenged") I expect to go pretty slow but from what I see here I feel that it is the best approach for me. Ah, the wonder of the internet! " - OldSoldier