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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: Positioning the Guitar While Standing

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Hello there, now we gonna talk a little
bit about just how to position
the guitar when you are standing up.
If you are in a band which hopeful you
are, you will be as this progressing and
you get better and you can find yourself
on stage if you're not already.
So sitting is obviously, it's comfort.
It's holding he guitar in a way
that you're not slouched over and
you're in a good position.
I think we talked a little about that.
But when you're standing,
you wanna have this strap
length to where you don't want
the guitar really super high like this.
You don't want that, but you don't want
it super low like Keith Richards either.
What I'm saying is this with this style.
So to play like country guitar,
it's a pretty demanding technique.
So you want this to be
a natural length for you.
And if you're way down here and
this hand's really stretched,
you're not gonna get anything going on.
This needs to be very accessible,
very natural,
nice right hand position,
hand draped over the side of the guitar.
I tend to not play like this with
the guitar straight against my stomach.
I like to hold it a little bit more,
almost like I'm holding a shotgun or
something like that.
So it's a little bit more like that.
I tend to kind to get
my hand to fit right.
It kinda rests like right under here,
hand here and
then this is almost kind
of cocked up a little bit.
And a little bit,
I might cock my right leg out a little bit
to give this a little bit of an angle up.
But basically, when I'm playing.
I'm kinda anchoring this
thing like this to where this
hand is not really having to hold
anything from flying around.
I mean, I'm pretty much,
I'm anchoring this thing against my body.
The strap has got a little bit of tension
on it to where this thing's really like.
I mean, man, I'm saddled in here and
ready to go.
So I've
got my right
hand here.
And just in this nice position
kind of based on this bridge,
you can see here where my
guitar's worn where that goes and
kinda even brace under
this bridge a little bit.
But man, I'm just making sure I've
got a nice comfortable spot here.
Not too low, not too high.
Just nice and right there just
where my bottom of my ribs
are kinda just in that area right there.
So this to me is the most comfortable
position and it is about comfort.
If you're taller or shorter or
bigger or smaller than me, then that's
all gonna affect how you hold the guitar
and what your favorite position is.
I do know people that hold
the guitar like this that it's very
straight to their body.
I tend to kinda lean
a little bit more like this.
And when I'm really digging in and
this leg tends to go our a little bit.
If I'm getting into something,
I just anchor that hard there.
So I can just do what I need to do there.
And if this moves around a little bit,
if you're bending and you're really
getting into it and this needs to bend or
something and that's okay.
But just make sure you have
a nice comfortable strap length,
make it comfortable.
It should be very relaxed and
that's kind of the main thing.
I mean, the main thing is just,
it would be better to go high than low.
Because you're getting at least up here,
you're still can move around.
Down here, if you do the rock thing
where your guitar is really down low,
you're not gonna be able to.
If you just take your hand and extend it
down like that, you're not gonna be able
to do anything that we're gonna
be doing in these classes.
So get that thing up
here in an action stance,
action position and
make it comfortable for yourself.
But that's basically,
[SOUND] that's like the position.
The hand's right here really comfortable.
I can bend easy and everything.
So that to me is kind of the standing
position with the guitar.
So thanks.