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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: Introduction to Electric Country Guitar

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Hi, I'm Guthrie Trap,
and I wanna welcome you to the Online
Country Guitar School here at ArtistWorks.
Super excited about this curriculum.
We've spent really actually months
developing what are hundreds
of lessons from beginning country guitar,
to intermediate, to advanced.
So there's really nothing that
we've got left uncovered here.
And no matter what your
experience level is,
you might want to start at
the beginning and go through these.
There's a sequence to it.
And you can kind of find
your way around the site.
You can go check out some different stuff
if you're a little bit more comfortable
with intermediate or advanced playing.
And I also wanna encourage
you to send me a video and
introduce yourself and kind of let
me know where you're at as a player.
Play a little bit and
let me find out where you're at so
we can help you out the best we can.
And the other thing is is there's a bunch
of backing tracks for this stuff that were
recorded in Nashville with a couple
guys that I play with all the time.
Pete Abbott on drums and Dave Row on bass.
And it's a bass, drums, and acoustic
guitar so there's a bunch of great, great
real live drums and bass tracks to play
over too, so that’s gonna help out a lot.
Just excited about this.
Looking forward to getting to meet you and
looking forward to learning some guitar,