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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: “Crazy Arms” - Advanced Rhythm

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Okay, basically what I did there was
I stayed pretty much, like I said,
pretty traditional to this
kinda shuffle rhythm pattern.
But a couple of things you can do,
you can do some walk-ups, and
you can do these little kinda like drop
down things that are pretty interesting.
So what that would be,
would be like
So I just call that like a little
drop down at the end of a phrase.
And what that is, I'll do it again,
it's just we're going
So just
And like I said earlier, in the previous
lesson, about this lick, you're
doing this little hiccup with the upstroke
of the G string on the C, all the time.
So that's the main part of this riff.
[COUGH] And I added in
the little seventh
thing here too,
so I can go
Little walk-up
So every time you go to the five chord,
you can definitely do that walk up.
So just five, you know if you're in G,
just right up the scale,
G, A, B, C.
So, that's about it, there's not
a whole lot more you can do with that.
You really don't wanna play,
if you're playing the electric guitar,
you kinda double what the bass is doing,
so you don't really wanna play any
chord rhythm or anything like that.
So that's the cleanest,
nicest kind of rhythm pattern
that you can do on Crazy Arms.
So we're gonna move on now.