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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: Advanced Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs

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Okay, so what we're gonna do now is we're
gonna go over a couple of licks using
some advanced hammer-ons and pull-offs.
We'll start down here and
we'll do some licks in A [SOUND] and E,
because we have a lot of
open strings down there.
So one position that a lot
of people use is these
open strings on your second and
fourth fret.
What I'm saying is in A,
you're fretting the second and
fourth fret with all these three strings.
The G, the D, and the A.
And then you're using all three
of these open strings as well.
So when I go, when I do this.
[SOUND] That's the beginning
of a lot of licks that
you can do right here
with these three strings.
So what that is, is I'm hammering on,
[SOUND] sliding up,
[SOUND] and
pulling off right there [SOUND].
And then I'm gonna use
this sequence right here.
[SOUND] So you're going
right down that [SOUND].
Literally, fourth fret, third fret open G.
Fourth fret, second fret, open G.
Fourth fret, second fret, open D.
Fourth fret, second fret, open A.
So, [SOUND] so that's kind
of the little scale we're gonna
use around that [SOUND].
So I'm pulling off.
[SOUND] I'm pulling off on the second
fret with my first finger every time.
[SOUND] So it creates this.
[SOUND] So you can do those licks
out of that area, that is just.
[SOUND] So, I'm sliding up.
[SOUND] Hammer on, slide up.
[SOUND] Pull off.
[SOUND] Hammering off of that
six [SOUND] six and flat seven.
that's that lick
right there.
[SOUND] So that's pulling off.
there's a ton of licks right around there.
[SOUND] I mean, you could
just keep that going
forever, start here.
[SOUND] I mean, I can
just keep going on and
on, whatever.
So a lot of hammer
ons and pull offs you
could do right there.
You can do this little thing.
[SOUND] Which sounds very dissonant,
and it is, but it works.
It's kinda cool you know.
[SOUND] It's almost like throwing D,
[SOUND] in the mix right there.
With that being said,
we'll move on to the next lesson.
Right now, I'm gonna give you a couple
just little quicky licks that we'll
expand on later on in the longer lessons.
But this will just give you
an example of what's to come.
So with that same position,
we're gonna go to E and
we're gonna do this lick that's just
a barrel of hammer-ons and pull offs.
So we're gonna start by
using this same fourth fret,
second fret,
block whole step pattern here and
what we're gonna do is we're just going
to rock off of these open strings.
So what we're doing is we're
rolling all the way down
til we get to this and
then we're going down to
that major third in E.
And then we're sliding
up into that E7 position.
And that completes our phrase.
So that's all in time and
you're kind of landing on the downbeat.
And then you're ready to go.
So that's
how you pull that
stuff together.
But this lick, it's just this rolling.
So you can do that at
some different phrasings.
You can put the accent on that [SOUND] or
you can.
You kind of do it more of a triplet feel.
Then you can combine
that with your rolling pattern
that I showed you earlier.
And then go from here.
there's some
hammer-on's and
pull off's in E.
Now, let's go to G and we'll do some
kind of open string G exercise.
So you can go from this chord shape in G.
[SOUND] So we're working with that.
And this lick will be.
that's a pretty
awesome lick.
So you're gonna slide in [SOUND] and
then just open.
So those are all pull offs, no hammer-ons.
And you can do that with single notes.
Or you can do it
with the double stops.
So that
a lot of
Some other hammer-ons and
pull offs that happen pretty fast in
a more advanced manner would be,
let's get up to like C here.
And when you're doing
these licks, let's see.
Your hammer-on there.
Excuse me, pulling off.
So a lot.
that major
third there too,
of course.
getting those.
Getting those little pull offs
there can really make that.
Make that a fast lick.
Well, we'll get into this other lick
when we do some more steel bend stuff.
Cuz that's kind of along those lines,
but there's some more advanced pull off
techniques and hammer-on techniques that
you can use to increase your speed and
especially with those open strings.
So with that being said,
we'll move on to the next lesson.