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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: “Truck Driving Man” Advanced Soloing Over Songs

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So we just did Truck Driving Man,
which is pretty up tempo.
Probably the most up tempo song that we
are going to have here in this advanced
So what I did there was the band
is playing some diamonds upfront.
So you have to do
something to get in there.
And with the song like this, I mean, you
really gotta stay ahead of the game and
that tempo going by that fast and
those chords changing like that.
You gotta have your fundamentals down.
You've gotta have this chords map that.
You've gotta really be able to see where
you're going before you get there and
also I'm not thinking
about what I'm gonna do.
I'm letting one position set me up
to the next one where I can go and
then be able to have a home base
to where I can get out of that.
It's like you do not wanna paint yourself
into a corner on a song like this or
it's gonna be a disaster.
You'll just fall flat on your face and
it's just a matter of
having that together.
So not to say we are going to fall flat
on our face, because we're gonna have our
fundamentals learned and our core
positions and all that we're gonna do.
So with that being said,
like there's a few different
ways you can get into this song.
I got in that time with a little,
just a little bend.
Kind of not worrying about the rhythm,
because the bend has the rhythm covered.
So all I have to do is relax and
cover that little intro.
So when the band came in.
I just did a little bend [SOUND] and
a little lick getting in.
And now, start working up the neck.
I'm starting to work into these other
potions, so I can find my way around.
So you know came in with the lick.
And then the song starts.
So right there.
I'm starting off with a lick there that's
not gonna be too crazy.
I mean, if you start doing a lot of.
If you are really start picking every
note, single notes on this song like that,
it's really gonna be hard and
I don't think anybody would be
able to really keep that up.
And it's not any fun,
cuz it's boring to the listener.
You wanna change this up with as many
things as you can on a song like this.
So and there's a lot of rhythmic
possibilities in kind of like go to
licks that you can use to kind of
be able to take a little breath in
between some of these things.
So getting in with that.
So then we got into the song.
that's right out of that chord position.
Just that part.
So I'm going.
Going to the blues.
There's G7.
So I went G, G7.
Well, the next thing up there is C.
So watch.
that covers
my C chord,
then I'm
back to G.
So right.
So right there.
Boy, that
was something out
of D right there.
Let's see.
That covers D there.
Right to your D.
There was a little
walk-up from G to B flat up to C.
So all these little phrases and
stuff working together
are gonna make your solo
interesting, and
they're gonna make it to
where you might have a little
of couple home bases.
I have a lick here out of G7, if you
can use to kind of grab a breath before
you really happen to pick
crazily on this solo.
What that was, was right out of this.
this is like a little lick that you're
gonna use with your hybrid technique.
You're going down to G7.
then when we put that C in there,
we're sussing that chord.So
it's a suspended sound.
[SOUND] So that lick is.
So what we're doing there is we're pulling
off with our little finger
[SOUND] right there.
So that sounds like this.
We're muting a little bit.
then I did
like this.
I went.
So that's
going down.
Right to your G.
So those are some different concepts for
I mean, really to work to get
up to that tempo just work on.
Play along to that track.
Do the slow train beat.
Do the fast train beat and
then do the truck driver man,
cuz that's gonna be the fastest one we
have and that's just using those shapes.
And that covers, there's no need
to try to think too hard about
playing over these chord changes.
They're just the same
licks in every key and
you're just moving these around
to these different positions.
So just really focus on what I'm doing
there and how I approach that solo, and
send me some videos.
Let's get the exchange going, so
I can help you out with this.
Thanks a lot.