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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: Adding Grease and Character: Slurs and Attitude

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Okay, we've covered
a bunch of stuff, man.
We're getting towards the end
of the advanced curriculum here.
What we're gonna do now is we're gonna
talk about some of the little things that
you can do to add some attitude and some
grease to your playing, some personality.
We've talked about a few of these
things about kind of drawing
out some of the beats.
Letting some time go by
while you're bending.
Really kind of adding some
soul to your playing.
So one of the things we can do,
we can start by doing some of these
things I do like that'll go
So what that is, we've got three licks
that are the same on each octave here.
So that would be.
So I'm skipping over that
with these strings.
I'm sweeping down a little bit.
So really
that's the notes.
But we're skipping over them a little bit.
I can't hit
this last one.
So that's kinda that idea.
And that really slow is.
So you want that little.
It's almost
That'll take a little practice, that's
something that kinda is once you start
doing it, it'll almost happen by accident.
Because it's hard to force that.
So that's a little slur you can do.
Another thing,
to get the chicken-picking sound.
It's just, there's this cross hatch
kind of thing that I'll do where I'm.
It gives you a real bright telecaster
sound and kind of adds a little
bit of nasty snarl to your sound.
And this works well if you have a little
bit of a light overdrive pedal on or
But it also works good clean too.
So it just gives you this little effect.
And what
I'm doing is
I'm pinching
the string.
So I'm not
just popping
like this,
I'm actually
pinching the note.
So I'll do that slow.
And it really adds a cool
kind of sound that I like,
I mean for doing certain kind
of swampy stuff when you want some attack.
Other thing you can do is really mute
this back here to get this kind of like,
here's the chicken sound right here.
And that's a good lick to practice,
even though it's a little crazy.
That's a good lick to practice
to kinda get that sound.
So that's all on your
back pickup, that's all
with the pick right there.
And most of my accents on that are with
my left hand cuz like I said earlier,
I'm really just cutting off those notes.
And almost like,
almost not even really hitting them down
all the way.
I mean I am,
but there's some of that stuff
you could to really kind of add
some attack to your playing.
Almost things that people would
think are mistakes but they're not.
Just adds a little of that attitude and
grease into your playing.
So the other thing that you can do with
that is, when you're doing these licks.
Really pop those, they're hard.
So that's a cool thing you can do.
Those are just a couple little things that
you can do to add a little character to
your playing, if you like those.
If you don't, don't do them.
But those are some things that
I do that I kinda like to add
a little bit more emotion into my playing,
when it comes to that.
So with that being said,
let's move on to the next lesson.