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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: Behind the Nut Bends

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All right,
you know what?
We're kinda getting to the point of
wrapping up the advanced curriculum here,
we're gonna do a few other things.
We're gonna do some behind
the nut bends right now.
Which these are kind of some
little tricks you can do,
just little fun things
we're gonna throw in here.
The first one we're gonna do is in A,
and what we're gonna do is,
we're gonna play this chord.
And we're gonna
take our ring finger.
And we're gonna bend behind the nut.
So, what we'll do there is,
we'll find the spot right here.
And then you grab this,
you dissolve to the A note here.
And actually, you know what?
You can use your,
you can use your ring finger.
And you just want to find the spot to
where you can go right down to the wood.
To where
it's in tune.
So that's how you do that in A.
So there's a pretty good one,
you can do one in D too.
So what you do is, okay this D seven.
We're gonna bend this G,
we're gonna hold with my little finger
I'm gonna hold the D seven note down,
which is C and I'm gonna bend with
my first finger the G string.
Well if you're in drop D.
But yeah, so
well what I was trying to do is.
If you were drop.
You know, you got that.
And then.
And the one in A.
And that's almost like
a little bit of a gimmick too but
it's a cool trick, and
people like to see that.
There's also one in G you can do.
So if I'm in G.
I'm here.
that's bending
the A string,
up to the major third.
So those are a couple of different things
that you can do, and I don't use
those all of the time by any means.
But they are some little tricks, I am just
trying to cover everything we can here.
So that's the, those are the behind the
nut bends I have used and you might see
some other people using in different ways
also, but those are the ones that I like.
So there's some behind the nut bends for
you, now we're gonna move
onto some other fun stuff.