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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: Influences and Essential Listening

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Electric Country Guitar

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You know what?
I wanna talk right now about
just some of my influences and
some of the people that I think
are probably some of the greats and
some essential listening, I would say.
And we're gonna also will have this
a more detailed list of this available.
Also with the actual names of these
records and the years that they came out,
and all this kinda stuff.
Maybe some liner notes even or something.
But right now on the top of my head, I
just wanna name a few that I really like.
And I would say there is an album called,
actually he has a couple of albums out.
But his name is Jamie Hardfrey.
He is John Hardfrey's son and
he is a guitar player, and
singer songwriter in Nashville,
and he had a band for
a long time that played locally
with Ray Flacke was in it.
And him and Ray played telecasters
together in that band.
He's got a couple records out.
One of them is called What About Yes and
the other one is called Stuff That Works.
And man, they are just incredible.
He is really, really innovative and
Ray Flacke was one of the masters of the
telecaster that came over from England and
played on Ricky Skaggs records,
Highway 40 Blues and all this kinda stuff.
He was really, really amazing.
So and
both those guys are on Jamie's record and
Ray Flacke has some
records also that are out.
But those guys and then Marty Stewart
is one of the ones that's very,
very underrated as far as I'm
concerned with younger players and
his telecaster playing and
guitar playing and mandolin playing.
He's absolutely fantastic.
I highly recommend listening
to anything he does.
He can also play some of the coolest
steel bends on B Bender Telecaster.
He's got the original
Clarence White B Bender tella you it,
he still plays on the road and
in the studio.
So he's incredible.
Let's see, Mark O'Connor and The New
Nashville Cats where he had a hundred
of Nashville's hottest session
players do a whole record with him and
really got these guys to play
to their fullest on that record.
So that's a great record.
Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Steve Warner,
Brent Mason are all over that record
playing a bunch of great stuff as well
as a bunch of great bluegrass and
jazz stuff on that record
too with some guys.
But man,
those guys are some of my favorites.
You can check out Roy Buchanan
was a great telecaster player.
I love Roy Buchanan's
playing Danny Gatton.
I've made some great records and
played some unbelievable,
just unbelievably creative stuff.
These guys blended a lot
of styles together.
Brent does that.
He blends jazz with country and
I think a lot of us want to hear that.
We wanna hear somebody that's not just
stuck in the pentatonic groove that we
wanna hear somebody embellishing around
chord changes and stuff like that.
So George Barns from Chicago,
he's passed away now.
But he was Chet Atkins for every guitar
player and he made a record that
was all country songs done in kinda of a
jazzy way, and men he was just incredible.
Hunk Gallin, Grady Martin, guys who played
on all the sessions back in the day.
Great, great country guitar players.
Don Rich that played with Buck Owens for
years and years,
and sang harmony with
him died at a young age.
He was incredible and
also Roy Nichols with Merle Haggard and
played all that great stuff with Merle,
all those killer intros and
stuff, very bluesy.
And what's the steel guitar player's
name that played with Merle Haggard
that he was Ralph Mooney played all this
really great pedal steel guitar stuff.
Anything you can do to pick
up the pedal steel licks and
I showed you a bunch in this
curriculum but there's more out there.
Lloyd Green, a great pedal steel pair.
Doug Jernigan, Buddy Emmons.
These guys played on these early
country records and played some really,
really cool stuff.
Early George Jones records,
Patsy Cline and
also Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn.
All those early records.
Ray Price for Ray Price Shuffles.
Man, just Mel Tillis.
There's so many great old school country
people, artists that are just great.
So anything you can hear on those records
and you can steal stuff from other
instruments, don't just be
limited to guitar licks.
Learn piano stuff.
Learn fiddle licks.
Learn steel guitar licks.
Learn guitar, of course.
But there's so many other instruments
out there you can steal from and
just get creative with it,
and learn from their ideas.
So those are some of my influences and
as well as a lot of other kinds of
music that we won't get into all that.
But you know for this kind of stuff,
I mean, that's that's a lot of a lot of
information right there to dig into and
some new guitar players that you might not
have heard of Jamie Harford and
those guys.
So have fun with it.
Go out and find some records,
find some stuff you like and
I'm talking about classic country
here like real country music too.
But if you like modern country music
too like Dierks Bentley has some great
Allan Jackson who's not
as current right now, but
Brent Mason played on all those records.
So there's some great
guitar stuff on there.
But yeah, just all that stuff.
Go find all of it.
One thing leads to the next.
So maybe you can turn me
on to some new music.
So let's just keep it going.