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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: Introduction to Advanced Electric Country Guitar

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Electric Country Guitar

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Hi, Guthrie Trapp here again.
I want to welcome you now to the advanced
portion of this guitar curriculum.
If you're here, man, congratulations.
It's been a lot of work I know, and
you've been through the beginner.
You've gotten the fundamentals down.
You worked through immediate, which
are just pounding more those fundamentals
in and actually working up the neck,
starting to learn some licks and
some different techniques that
are really gonna build your style and
your voice on the country electric guitar.
So this is your development of
your singular artistic voice and
how you're gonna express
yourself on this instrument.
So man, thanks so much for taking
the time to go over those fundamentals as
we move into this section.
So there's gonna be a lot of stuff
we go over here, multi-string bends,
advanced chicken pickin',
playing up to tempo, talking about some
rhythm techniques where we're getting
more into the groove and stuff like that.
So man, just a ton of stuff
to come here and again man,
just congratulations on working
through those two earlier segments,
the beginner and the intermediate and
just spending the time to do that,
because it's really gonna pay
off here in this section.
So let's get some work done and
stay inspired and
keep practicing and moving forward.
Keep sending me the videos cuz
that's gonna be the best way for
us to keep up with each other and
me help you, and
you help me with showing me what your
progress is and where you're at with this.
So with that being said,
let's jump into this curriculum here.