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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: Intermediate Pull-offs

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we're back here.
We're gonna start playing
some little lick ideas for
exercises that we can incorporate,
the slides,
the hammer-on's, and the pull offs.
And we're gonna work on some string
bending coming up here pretty soon,
so let's get this going.
What we're gonna do is, we're gonna work
off the same positions that we just were.
We're gonna do some of the similar kind of
lick ideas, but we're gonna do the slides,
the hammer-on's, and
now incorporate pull-offs as well.
So let's do that we'll work
out of our A position here in
the pentatonic shape that
we were just working in.
So what I want you to do is I want you
to do the same lick [SOUND] where we're
hammering on.
And then now, we're gonna pull off [SOUND]
which is gonna be a downward motion.
And you're really gonna have to
watch this high E string cause we're
wanna mute that [SOUND].
And I kinda mute it by holding
my little finger touching it but
you can also do it by letting the meat
of your first finger touch this.
So [SOUND] that's what we're going for
so what this is is, when you hammer on,
we're gonna get three notes for
one pick stroke.
So [SOUND] so 1, 2, 3 and
I'll just pluck the string one time,
so watch
So when I pull off,
I'm kind of,
I'm almost pulling down.
[SOUND] Without bending
the string to where
you don't wanna bend the string out of
tune [SOUND].
So I'm really focusing on holding
the string, with this finger
in place [SOUND] and then when I do
this [SOUND] I'm kinda pulling the meat.
The meat of this finger,
when it hits the string,
the strings grooving in to it like this.
So with that groove, when you pull off,
that meat that the string
is surrounded by,
that acts like a,
what's the word I'm looking for,
it triggers that string or
activates that string.
So with that being said,
when you hit down like this [SOUND]
when you pull off [SOUND] really quickly,
that meat of that
finger is activating that string to
give it volume and to make it speak.
So that's what you're going for
you wanna hammer on and pull off.
So and that might take some practice, so
I mean, it's a little different
if you haven't done it before.
So I want you to hammer on,
this is the lick we're going to play
And it works in the A pentatonic shape
[SOUND] it's kind of a bluesy lick,
but we're gonna get into
the country stuff too don't worry.
This is just a good example for
this simple pentatonic shape right here.
So we're gonna hammer on
pull off on the B string,
the A and the G note
and then we're gonna slide [SOUND].
And we're gonna pull of there, too, so,
we're gonna pull off [SOUND] up [SOUND]
slide, and then we're gonna pull off
from the D note to the C note [SOUND].
And then we're gonna hit the A note
to close that phrase out.
so again am hitting
this note one time but
am getting three different
notes so I'm going
so when I pull that off
I'm, [SOUND] activating that note when I
leave the fret board [SOUND] and
whatever you pull off,
the note behind it is
the one that is going
to speak, so if I pull off here
Whatever note is behind it is the one
that's gonna speak so great for
some accents and stuff with your playing.
So that's a good little
kind of an overview of
some more little more
advanced pull offs there.
And we'll get into some more open string
stuff as we get more advanced but
okay we're gonna move on
now to the next lesson.