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Electric Country Guitar Lessons: Volume Swells

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Okay, now we're gonna get in to a little
bit of something kind of fun here.
We're gonna get into a brief little
description of some volumes as well.
So, what that is, is a technique
that kind of comes from the steel
guitar emulating the steel guitar.
Some guys use a volume pedal,
but it's way cooler to me and
people love to see this,
it's a great fun technique to use, and
you're just using the volume knob on
your guitar, as the volume pedal.
So what you're gonna have to do is,
you're gonna focus on
rolling this volume knob with
your little finger like this.
And it could start halfway
up into your palm here.
You can really get this.
So this is great for
emulating steel guitar sounds.
You can do little fills.
Kinda sounds like a whale.
Sometimes, but the volume swells are cool.
And the thing about those are you
just wanna keep this really smooth,
you've gotta hit the strings.
Okay, get ready to bend.
I'm actually rolling off.
You'll see what this looks like
here with the camera angle.
So I'm actually rolling off
of my little finger and
into my middle and ring finger here.
A ring finger and middle finger.
So I'm striking the string.
And I'm bending as the volume comes up.
I'm getting a good hard hit.
And I'll show you those bends also but
I'm also just giving you
example of how this works.
So, if you're doing
a single note
So like I said,
strike the note.
While the volume's down, strike the note.
And then just,
bring that up, and
you'll really
You can manipulate that volume knob and
do the volume swell.
And that just takes a little practice.
So that's a quick, little,
just lesson on that.
And then we're gonna move
onto some other stuff here.