learn how to draw online with justin bua

"The Video Exchange concept is so awesome. You’re really paying for private lessons from the comfort of your home."
- Student, Johnny Utah

Free Sample Lessons

Learn How to Draw Online with Justin BUA

Justin BUA has taken his entire knowledge of teaching people how to draw and poured it into a comprehensive video library that includes hundreds of art lessons. Subscribers get unlimited access to all online art lessons, plus a community of art enthusiasts from all over the world.

What ultimately sets these art lessons apart from other online offerings however, is the ability to submit a video using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange® learning platform. Justin reviews each submission and records a video response where he offers tips and techniques to practice. All students can access the Video Exchange library, which may contain the key to unlock your own drawing.

Top Quality Art Lessons

  • Learn how to draw at your own pace
  • All levels and styles of artists welcome
  • 100s of lessons filmed in multiple angles
Video Exchange® Learning

  • Submit practice videos to Justin BUA
  • Get custom feedback on your artwork
  • Practice the advice and improve
Worldwide Community

  • Connect with students around the world
  • Learn from everyone’s Video Exchanges 
  • Stay motivated to progress your drawing

Justin BUA Drawing Lessons

  • The Fundamentals of Drawing
  • Building Skills in Drawing
  • Advanced Drawing and Painting
  • Bua's Master Lessons
  • Business of Art

The Fundamentals of Drawing

  • Ball and Mask
  • Three Shapes of the Figure
  • Proportions
  • Vase Face
  • Overlap
  • Materials: Pencils
  • Pencils - Sharpening
  • Erasers
  • Using an Eraser
  • Control Drills
  • Negative Space
  • Blind Contour
  • Modified Contour
  • Charcoal
  • Papers
  • Light and Dark

Building Skills in Drawing

  • Sternocleidomastoid
  • Abdominal Muscles
  • The Foot
  • The Hand
  • The Neck
  • The Eye
  • The Mouth
  • Construction
  • Perspective: One Point
  • Perspective: Two Point
  • Perspective: Elipse
  • Abstraction of the Head
  • Abstraction of the Head - Lighting
  • Portrait Measurement
  • Gesture #1
  • Gesture #2
  • Landmarks
  • Measuring The Figure
  • The Scapula
  • The Nose
  • The Ear
  • The Leg
  • Quick Pose
  • Building Up An Arm

Advanced Drawing and Painting

  • Gesture of a Tree
  • Complimentary Color Mixing
  • Hue Scale
  • Value Scale
  • Drapery: Inert
  • Drapery: Pinch Fold
  • Drapery: Spiral Fold
  • Drapery
  • Drapery: The U-Fold
  • Drapery: The Cape
  • Drapery: Cylinder Fold
  • Flower Drawing
  • Color Wheel

Bua's Master Lessons

  • Sunset Sky Panel
  • Mother's Portrait
  • Quick Portrait #1
  • Quick Portrait #2
  • Foreshortening
  • Theatrical Lighting
  • Bua Painted Head
  • Still Life
  • Caricature

Business of Art

  • How to Protect Your Work
  • Getting Work
  • The Pitch
  • How to Price Your Work
  • Licensing Versus Selling

Reviews for Justin BUA's Art Lessons

  • "I was blown away by the website. The whole idea is very clever and the price is totally affordable. People like me who work 6 days a week don’t have the time to go to an Art School. You’re really paying for private lessons from the comfort of your home. The Video Exchange concept is so awesome. You can take your iPad anywhere and watch the lessons." Johnny Utah
  • "BUA's work moves me on a level that no other art has before. His hard work and dedication have taught me a lot about the discipline it takes to be a great artist. He inspires me to explore the unchallenged obstacles in skratching. BUA's art is a lesson to all: whatever art you choose to practice, learn both the technical and creative sides - don't try to skip the basics."DJ Qbert, ArtistWorks Instructor

About Justin

Justin BUA grew up fascinated by the visceral street life that surrounded him in New York City and became interested in art at a very young age. As a way to develop his raw talent, BUA attended the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts and later earned a B.F.A. from the Art Center College of Design. Classically trained in all fields of visual art, BUA taught figure drawing at the University of Southern California for ten years. 

BUA spent a lot of time studying the old graffiti writers and developing a style he calls “New Urban Realism”. BUA has become internationally known as a gifted and best selling art. His most famous piece, The DJ, is one of the most popular selling prints of all time.

Just as Bob Ross used technology in new ways to teach people how to draw through television, BUA now channels his passion for art by teaching people how to draw online at ArtistWorks. He also continues to contribute to the art world with exhibits around the world. 

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