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3 Tips For Becoming a Successful, Working Artist
Mar 7
I wrote this blog because I actually know some artists who are really talented and good enough to be working in the field of illustration and fine art but don't have the faintest idea where or how to start going about getting work. Therefore I decided to write some tips to help push you along the road to success:

justin bua art

TIP #1

Make sure you know who YOU are as an artist. 

Your portfolio should be streamlined and tailored to tell your unique visual story. In other words, the worst thing a client can see is an artist with too many styles and directions. Remember, too many directions equals no direction and there is a perception that even you don't know who you are. Remedy? Make sure you have a definitive style. If you paint caricatures show a variety of them - don't show figure drawings, abstract paintings and still lifes. Remember, you have one shot and if you have a mish mosh portfolio it will come off as "studenty" and unprofessional. If you have a distinctive style and vision you are way more likely to succeed.