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Harmonica Lessons: Intimate Instrument

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So this instrument,
it's really the most intimate instrument.
There's hardly anything between you and
the instrument.
It's just your mouth on this
little chrome-sandwich.
And your breath going through it, making
the little brass reeds inside vibrate,
because the reeds are made of brass.
They're these tiny little strips of metal,
there's ten of them up here that
are riveted to this reed plate,
that are vibrating when you blow.
And there's ten of them down here, riveted
away from you that are open towards you,
that are vibrating when you draw.
And when you're playing,
you can actually feel the vibrations
along your index finger when you blow.
And on you're thumb when you draw.
You can feel the vibrations change,
from one side to the other.
If you get really tuned into you're
harmonica, and you see a lot of
harmonica players, when they play,
they're playing with their eyes closed,
because you're imagining all sorts
of stuff when you're playing.
And you're trying to concentrate real hard
on hitting a note that you can't see.
I'm keeping my eyes open looking at
the camera, because I'm here in
a room looking at a camera, but
if I were just sitting in my own house,
I'd be going.
And the harmonica
just sets this atmosphere.