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Harmonica Lessons: "Row Row Row Your Boat"

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Okay, here's the thing you've
all been waiting for, some actual tunes.
Now, remember when I was showing
you the scheme of the harmonica,
I tried playing Row, Row,
Row Your Boat from the first hole.
That's as far as I got because the F that
you need is not there unless
you know how to bend.
So if you want to play that from
the fourth hole in the key of C.
It's very easy [SOUND]
if you play it right.
Now the thing about
this tune is you notice
that I hit the wrong note.
If you hit a wrong note on the harmonica,
if you keep the air going,
[SOUND] you'll eventually find it.
If you stop and start looking around for
it, you won't find it very easily.
So that was the first lesson that I
am giving you via my own mistakes.
So the tune is very simple.
Until you get to here, and
it's not that it's hard.
You have to articulate those.
There's two ways to do it,
probably five or six ways,
but the two main ways are.
[SOUND] You could do.
[COUGH] Like clearing your throat.
That's pretty good.
Or you can do tonguing.
Not really that great of sound but
it's something that you'll use later for
other tunes.
Cuz it's all blows.
And to keep the air going when you're
going down from seven to six to
five to four, you don't stop.
The thing on the harmonica,
you just want economy
of motion all the time.
If you can do it on one smooth breath,
you wanna do it on one smooth breath.
And then again you jump from four to six.
You can hear a little bit of five in
If you do it fast enough,
no one will know.
And that's going down the scale.
The other thing you can do with Row, Row,
Row Your Boat is to play it chordally.
Like I said,
the harmonica has those two chords that
go along with most simple folk tunes.
So if you just put your
mouth on the instrument.
With the melody notes on top.
That's pretty
easy, isn't it?
So, it's not the greatest
sounding thing in the world.
But just to let you know,
that that's a preparation for
some more artistic renditions of
things that are gonna be like that.
It's called a chord melody style of
playing because you're playing the melody
on the top and the chords on
the bottom underneath the melody.