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Harmonica Lessons: "On Top of Old Smoky"

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Now the next tune I'd like to play for
you is an American folk song
called On Top of Old Smokey.
And this one sounds like this.
That's basically
the whole thing.
So, with this one, it's a waltz.
See now you can use the harmonica
if you wanna add, almost sounds like
an accordion or like a whole band.
You can set up a little waltz time.
So when we played Row,
Row, Row Your Boat,
we just played chords.
[SOUND] With the Ode to Joy
we played thirds, [SOUND] and
now with this one,
were setting up a little rhythmic pattern.
I'm going four blow, and
then the third of five and six.
then I'm jumping down to three blow.
[SOUND] And then five and six again.
And it gets into nice
little rhythmic groove.
Because I was
also playing the G
chord on the inhale.
[SOUND] It's actually the G7 chord,
starting on the third hole draw.
[SOUND] Going up to four and five draw.
[SOUND] Back down to two draw.
There is one
other chord in On Top
of Old Smokey.
It's an F chord, and you can't really play
an F chord on the harmonica chordally.
Because you can't blow and
draw at the same time, it involves.
You can do the F and the A,
but the C is a blow.
F and the A are on draws.
So here is where you start running
into limitations of the harmonica.
Where there is a simple pattern that,
if you were playing on a piano or
accordion, be nothing to do.
The harmonica,
you can't really do all of these chords.
And a lot of times harmonica players, when
they try playing the chord melody style or
just some comping like this.
If you're not a harmonica player and
you hear it, you go,
boy they're playing the wrong chord.
If you are a harmonica player,
you're just doing it,
cuz they're the only chords you can play.
So, I incorporated a little rhythmic,
patterns and
just some chords, some intervals
you can fool around with this.
And just experiment on your own if you
want to, and see what you come up with.
And that's pretty much that for
those three simple tunes.