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Harmonica Lessons: 2nd Position Cross Harp: Chordal Vamping

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So, you find your blues runs
naturally on the harmonica,
and one of the standard blues
licks that's also played by guitarists and
even bass players is this one
You can't get that
flatted third over
I just played what is called
basically a twelve bar blues.
I'm jumping ahead of myself.
Because I wanna just
take that one blues lick
and just show you how you can vamp on it.
The same way that you did
on the melody of Susanna.
And just
set it
up as a
So this is a simple bluesy vamp.
It's a little more
complicated than just going
That's the simplest one you can play.
That's just draw, blow, draw,
blow, moving your mouth up from
four draw to five blow to five
draw back down to five blow.
Kiss the harmonica.
Give it [SOUND] [LAUGH].
I'm using this tongue vamping
technique that I used in Susanna.
I'm playing starting with one and
four draw.
The tongue in the middle.
Two and five blow, and then two and
five draw.
And you can
really make it swing.
There's a lot you can do with this simple
vamp, and if you have friends who play
the harmonica, or the guitar or any other
instrument, you can say, hey let's jam.
Let's jam on a G7 chord,
cuz that's what this is.
It's a G7 chord.
And one guy does this and
the other guy plays a solo,
and then you can share.
You can switch off with your friend,
and you can solo for a while and
he can vamp for a while.
And it's a surprising amount of fun,
and it's not that hard to do.
So, getting back to this other lick.
You can do the same thing with that.
And then when you come to the next part,
I have to explain what the blues is.
I just
played a 12
bar blues.