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Harmonica Lessons: 2nd Position Cross Harp: The Warble

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I just wanted to clarify and
expand on a few of the things that I
played in part one of Cross Harp.
One of the characteristic blues licks
that I played is called a warble.
Now this is something that's a great
sound and you can do it.
There's four or
five different kinds of warbles, but
the most basic one especially for
playing blues,
you can do them between any holes, but the
one between four and five is the biggie.
And as you learn how to bend.
You'll bend into it, but
the idea is you shake your head back and
forth, it's like saying no very quickly.
And you can hear how even it is when
I'm doing it, I'm kinda counting.
I'm going one, two, three, four.
So if I was to slow it down, it would be.
So it's good to know
how to be able to do a warble, slow.
And really fast.
And you'll get the hang of it.
Some guys like to do
the warble with the harmonica.
I don't, [LAUGH] and
then also you can do a warble
in a more lazy way, like.
That's a great sound too,
where you're playing four and
five at the same time, but
you're leaning back and fourth between
them, emphasizing them differently.
But I'm always playing four.
And I'm sort of going over onto five, and
my mouth is open a little wider, and
then some guys like to just do a.
And you're breathing like [SOUND].
So there's lots of different things
that are basically warbles, but
the real warble is the shaking.
And you can do
them fast or slow.
And if you're playing with a slow tune
like that slow blues I was doing before
when I'm going.
You can do the warble like.
It's almost like an exercise,
but it's music.
So if it's faster.
now you see
and also in
the vamping,
I'm starting
to do that