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Harmonica Lessons: 4th Position C Harp: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"; G Harp Intro

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The tune that I'm gonna play for
you is the first one, that's a folk song,
another English song is
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
And I really wish that I could
start it on a low A [SOUND].
But since you don't know how to bend yet
I won't.
I'm going to start it on sixth hole.
I'll play it first.
really high,
and you know
I have all
these harmonicas
sitting here.
In every key, high ones, low ones.
And at a certain point when you're
learning how to play the harmonica,
maybe you want to buy
another key harmonica.
Because C is just one of the 12 keys.
So, especially for
this high register playing.
The G harmonica, for over 100 years,
the harmonica was invented in the 1820s,
the G harmonica has been the second most
popular harmonica, in the harmonica world.
Because G is the next
easiest key besides C,
it only has one sharp,
one black key in it.
And on the harmonica, the G harp is
the lowest standard tuned harmonica.
It goes down
to G below middle C.
It's approximately the same
range of as a violin.
The violin goes down to
the G below middle C.
So basically, the C harp is a flute,
the G harp's a violin.
So if you play
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,
in the same exact position,
fourth position, on a G harmonica.
They're all the same.
All the harmonicas are the same,
they're just in different keys.
You play the same exact stuff, first
position, second position, third position,
fourth position.
Here's what it sounds like
Its actually in E now on
the G harmonica
See its much more pleasant to listen to.
And that's why the G harmonica has been so
popular for playing up in the high ranges.
It's really nice
I did
a little
You can do some
chordal things
Those are octaves and
I'm actually tongue blocking different
amounts of notes to play those octaves.
I did
some tongue
block sixths.
And you can hear, that this is very,
very pleasing on a G harmonica.
Which is why I am playing
all these things.
This is why I decided to play
this fourth position stuff,
for beginners, on the G harp.
Cuz it sounds better.
But of course, I'm going to show
it to you on the C harmonica.
And the notes that I
want you to think about,
are going to be relative
to the C harmonica.
So that's God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
with some techniques of tongue blocking.
That are a little bit harder
than what I showed you before.
To be able to play octaves on the G harp
here, in the upper part of the harmonica.
And we'll really deal with this at
more length in later levels of this.