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Harmonica Lessons: 4th Position C Harp: Spanish Music

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Another great type of music
that the fourth position
provides a little entre
into is Spanish music,
Flamenco music,
that use chords that go along this mode.
I'm sure that all of you have heard this.
I'll do it on piano, okay.
That's the characteristic
chords of Spanish music.
A minor.
E [SOUND] And that,
if anyone has ever picked up a guitar and
had even one guitar lesson,
usually somebody will
play chords like that.
And so, on the harmonica.
You can at least get the outline of that.
No bends,
I was just playing a little lick,
a little parallel pattern.
a simpler one.
If I play it on,
the chore is on the piano now.
You can
see this stuff,
it's right there on
the harmonica.
And when you work,
as you progress through the instrument,
you'll see that all of these
different styles of music,
not just playing folk music and
blues, will open up for you.