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Harmonica Lessons: 12th Position Basic: "Dvorak New World Symphony"

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I'll play one more
little excerpt for you.
It is the theme from
the New World Symphony by Dvorjak.
And it bears some similarities to
spirituals because Dvorjak listened
to a lot of Black music when he was living
in the United States in the early 1890s.
And he really loved spirituals and
early blues, and
a spiritual has actually been
written from this melody of his.
The slow melody from the slow movement,
It's usually played on the English Horn.
And it's usually an octave lower, but
I'm gonna just play it where it lies
best on the diatonic harmonica in the key
of F, starting on the sixth hole draw.
Then I can
go up to
the top.
Or play it down here.
Then back.