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Harmonica Lessons: Bend Simply: 4th Hole Draw

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The next hole I'd like to show you is
the fourth hole, because I think
that's the next easiest hole to bend.
There's reasons for that.
If you play the fourth
hole on the harmonica.
It's another C.
And lo and behold,
when you draw, it's another D.
Where do you think you can bend to?
Same thing.
It's an octave higher.
And in-between that D and C.
Is that D flat, C sharp note.
Except that since this hole is so
much higher,
the mouth position is
much less exaggerated.
You don't have to do that [SOUND],
big thing,
When I bend the fourth hole draw.
[SOUND] [LAUGH] I'm sorry but
that's what i'm doing.
[SOUND] It's an N G sound but
it has [SOUND] And
it's almost like a G H as well.
It's almost a C H.
It's, and it's happening more
towards the front of my mouth,
because, since it's a higher pitched note,
you don't need as much of
the mouth cavity to create a resonant
chamber for a higher pitched note.
Every time when you go up
higher on the harmonica.
The amount of air inside your mouth
that you need to create this resonance
to bend it decreases.
And you're wondering, gee why isn't he
showing us all the bends from one and
then two and then three.
It's because two and
three are larger bends and
they require a little bit more work.
The first hole's the easiest one to bend.
I think the fourth hole's
the next easiest one.
[SOUND] It's [SOUND] but
it's not [SOUND] It's almost
like speaking French.
[FOREIGN] is [SOUND] [LAUGH] You say
all sorts of things like [SOUND].