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Harmonica Lessons: First Position Melodies

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Well now I'm gonna talk
about First Position.
And we're gonna deal with a few
different things in first position.
We're gonna play some folk
tunes in all three octaves.
We're gonna do some blues.
The traditional blues licks in first
position and some vamps in first position.
And also in some of that I'm gonna use
the G harmonica because it's a much more
pleasant sound as I explained before when
you're bending up in the high register.
So Let's take it away here.
And I'm also gonna play an Irish tune for
So for now we're gonna start out with,
I already played you
the scale in three octaves.
So we could play, remember that Susannah?
Where it sounded very plain to play it
single notes.
Now that we know how to bend,
we can add expression to the most
simple folk melodies in the key of C.
I can use a little
tremolo, or
play a little blues lick [LAUGH].
I tongue
blocked those.
I haven't really done that yet but
I'm tongue blocking just one note.
I'm putting the tip of my tongue in
between three and five, right into four.
And then it's two and four and
I'm putting the tongue into three and
then an octave.
I mean I can
do all sorts
of hokey stuff.
I mean over the top things now,
in first position to Susanna if I want,
like up in the top of the harp.
So just
I'm just exaggerating something here and
making more out of it than it really is.
But just to show you how you can play the
simplest melody in a real expressive way
now that you can bend
notes all over the place.
First octave
Throat tremolo
it's a little
silly, but
I'm just trying
to make a point.
You can take any simple melody
that's in first position and
play it on all three octaves, and
you can put different kinds of expressions
on it depending on where you play it.
That's one of the beauties
of the harmonica.
The fact that it isn't the same with every
octave, enables you to get unique and
different things out of it when
you play it in different octaves.
It's quite an amazing thing.
So if I played
Susannah as a
Now I thought sort of throwing in
some blues licks in first position.
That's what I'm gonna
segue into right now.