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Harmonica Lessons: Adjacent Notes Exercise 7: Holes 5, 6 & 7

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So now we have the 6th hole.
We can go back and forth between
the 6th hole draw and the 5th hole.
It's a little more limited.
Thats the only choices we have.
Your six is A and A flat.
But you try not to bend that fifth
hole draw, you try to keep it F.
Not to hit it down hard, bending it.
You could also do the six to the seven.
Which is very good, because some of you
are going to tend to try to pull
on the draw notes on the top
of the harmonica,
which I talked about earlier.
And so.
You have to resist the urge to pull on
seven draw, because we are treating
six draw as a note you can pull on, since
it is the higher note and you can bend it.
So you have to go from this bending
a note on the draw to treating
the draw in a neutral way of just
letting the air flow through it.
And all these things are happening
towards the front of your mouth,
so there are fine little differences and
it just gets very small.