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Harmonica Lessons: Transposing: E Flat

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Now, I'm gonna get a little bit harder.
I'm gonna keep going through
all the keys that there are.
There are 12 of them.
So far, we've covered one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
So, we only have four
more keys left to go.
I'm gonna keep going up
through the flat keys.
The next key that's a fourth higher
than B flat [SOUND] is E flat, and
to play an E flat, here's the notes
There's a bunch of black keys.
There's three of them.
E flat, A flat, and B flat.
So, Mary Had
a Little Lamb
starts on G [SOUND]
And the E flat is the first
hole over blow
Not easy to do, you have to really set up
your harmonica very well to get that note.
The next octave
G is the sixth hole blow
E flat is the fourth hole over blow
B flat is sixth
And you can play it up here,
And if you want,
you can try to give it
a little artistic
That's in E flat.
E flat's kind of a nice juicy note
You can do things that sound bluesy and
even in some of these far-flung keys,
cuz we're getting farther and
farther away now from
from the basic structure of the harmonica,
the simple keys that use the white
key notes that are already there.
We're getting into that higher
[LAUGH] level on the harmonica
where we're almost like
a tightrope walker.
We have to really be careful
that we don't slip and fall off.
The stepping stones thing doesn't
really work cuz we're trying to hit
all of these notes that are only available
increasingly through bent notes and
overblown overdrawn notes.