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Harmonica Lessons: "How High the Moon" on C Harp

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Now, I'm going to play for
you a jazz tune that uses
the two five ones to move
through the various keys.
And I'll stay seated here at the piano.
It is a tune called How High the Moon,
and I've played it on piano.
It was back in check very simply,
the bebop musicians actually used
some more changes within the forms.
But I'm gonna start out playing it on
a C harmonica and the tune is in G.
It's in G and
then it goes two five, one of F.
And then two, five, one of E flat.
And then it goes into G minor.
And then it goes into G major.
And it does the same thing
And then it goes into G major and
then it goes three, six, two, five, one.
So it's one of the most important
tunes in swing and bebop music.
It's something that people
play all the time, and
Charlie Parker wrote a little
variation on it called Ornithology.
I might quote some of that melody.
First I'm going to do it on a G Harp.
So we're going to be in G.
Then the two five one of F.
Which is the first five position.
And then.
The two five one of E flat.
And then G minor.
So cross harp minor.
And then after that,
I'm gonna use the B-flat harmonica.
So at first I'll do it on the C harp okay,
in G.
was a
So I ran through, I tried to play some
of the pattern oriented two fives,
that I played in some of the exercises.
And then I tried to play some
faster things to challenge you.
And I played parts of diminished scale
runs that go whole step, half step,
whole step, half step.
Then I showed you these.