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Harmonica Lessons: "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise" on C Harp

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So, like I said, the more different
key harmonicas you try, these tunes on,
as long as the tune
retracts in the same key,
the better you're gonna get at playing
the tune on any one of these harmonicas.
You start to hear
the chord changes better,
you start to feel how to move from
one chord to another in all these
different keys in a practical way,
and not just an exercise.
And once again, let me reiterate, if it
starts to feel counterproductive to you,
just stop,
go back to something much simpler,
come back to it when you're ready.
Because progress is not linear at all.
I've found that in my progress,
if I went in a straight line, boy,
that would have been amazing.
I didn't go in a straight line at all,
I'd be stuck someplace for a long time.
And then, all of the sudden,
some little thought would occur to me.
Then, all of the sudden,
I would be a lot better and then,
I go along on another plateau,
sometimes getting worse.
So, I just wanna tell you that,
it's a very important thing to know
that progress isn't linear and
that goes along sometimes with other
things that are happening in your life.
How good you feel, how bad you feel.
Sometimes, the worse you feel,
the better you play.
Hey, music is all tied
together with everything.
So, as you play, Softly, As in a Morning
Sunrise, if you get it really good on one
harmonica, I'll be real happy and I'd love
to see any video submissions of yours.
So there we have it.
We've played Softly As In
a Morning Sunrise in third, fourth, and
fifth position.
On the B flat, E flat,
and A flat harmonicas.
Just for fun, I'm gonna play it now on
a C harmonica in first position minor.
So this is something maybe, I wouldn't do
this on stage, I don't know maybe I would.
If I only had one harmonica and
I'm walking around and
walk into a jam session, and people say hi
Howard, you've got to come up and play.
And the only tune we know is,
Softly As In a Morning Sunrise in C minor.
Maybe I would take the C harp out of my
pocket, and just say a little prayer.
Try to play.
So here we go.
So that's the first time I've ever played
that in C minor on a C harmonica, and
it was just a heck of a lot of fun,
I have to say.
It was a whole different experience for