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Harmonica Lessons: "Killer Joe" on F Harp

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So, a little bit
of percussion on that one.
A little bit of bluesiness.
I'm imitating congas.
[SOUND] Sometimes I like to
imitate other instruments.
Trombone players, guitarists, trumpet
players, saxophone players, drummers.
That's just one of the things you can do,
and it can be kind of humorous at
the same time, especially if the musicians
you're playing with get your little jokes.
And it's always good to have a good
sense of humor on the bandstand because
what we're trying to a lot
of the times is so serious,
it's nice to just like loosen it up and
everybody would just relax a little bit,
and start to play things from a looser.
Less calculated place.
So now I'm going to do
it on an F harmonica,
which involves the Dorian
mode to the first position.
[SOUND] Okay, here we go.
>> One, two, three.
>> [MUSIC]
That's the fifth hole overblow.