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Harmonica Lessons: "Blues in 5/4" by Howard Levy

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Now, we're going to deal with
playing blues in odd time meters.
And I'm going to start with the simplest
odd time meter that I know, which is five.
And three is an odd time meter, but
it's a pretty standard one obviously.
Most people know how to play in three.
But five, I'm gonna use the vamp
that everyone knows from take five,
which is basically three and two.
One, two, three, one, two.
One, two, three, one, two.
Boom, bop, boom, bop, boom, bop.
Boom, bop, boom, bop, boom, bop.
And I'm gonna play a D minor blues.
So, all the same licks that
you'd play on the harp.
I'm playing a cross harp,
a G harp in D minor.
So you've gotta be careful
about the third hole draw.
You can't go,
And you just have to get your mind,
wrap your mind around that five, so
that a lot of the blues
licks that you play.
I mean, they'll all work, just as if
you're playing regular blues in D minor
except that you're in five, so you have to
get into the swing of the rhythm first.
Boom cha boom cha boom
cha boom cha boom cha mm hm
Four chord.
Three, four, five.
Five chord,
four chord.
So you have to get used
to swinging in five.
So I'm going to play along with a little
track that I laid down onto my keyboard
here, and I'm going to use the distortion
mic here the jt 30, or whatever it is.
And through this little Fender Blues Jr.
and we're gonna turn off my lavalier and
I'm gonna play along and you get an idea
of what this is like and then later you
can play along to the same track because
it will be in the backing track section.
Okay, here we go.
So I was playing.
So I was playing some pretty standard
blues licks and a little bit of jazz.
I was playing in the D dorian
mode as well in second position.
So I sorta went back and forth between
being a little bit jazzy in Dorian,
and being more bluesy and
not playing in a scalar way.
So you can experiment with this and
see which ways you want to shade it and
I really look forward to
hearing back from some
of you if you get comfortable enough
with this to send me some videos.