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Harmonica Lessons: "Mellow Bird Blues" by Howard Levy

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it or not,
that's a
That's a bebop style blues in the style of
the great Charlie Parker that I wrote for
the 2000 harmonica summit.
And I call it Mellow Bird Blues.
It is a 12 bar blues, but
instead of going one four five,
it has a whole bunch of jazz
chords that connect it together.
It starts with a major seventh,
and then it does the two five down to
the relative minor, D-minor
and then, the two five to the 4 chord.
So, the way that, that sounds is like.
And then,
a bunch of other two fives.
A B-flat minor to E-flat 7 to A-minor.
And then
I'm starting on seven blow.
I'm sweeping over it.
Very, very jazzy way of playing.
And by the way,
I am using a B-flat harmonica.
The reason why is that a lot of
bebop tunes are in the flat keys and
I want this to also be a chance for you
to start thinking in flat keys if you're
going to be playing with jazz musicians.
then I do the same thing
a half step lower.
It's a two five of one.
And then it goes three,
instead of three, six, two,
five like I Got Rhythm.
It goes three, to the flat three,
to the flat six, to the flat two.
Which is the same thing as three six two
five, but they're substitute chords.
And it's a simple melody.
You don't need any overblows to
play this melody at all, and
that's why I wrote it this way.
I had to restrain myself.
So now I'm gonna perform it for
you with a backing track that I
recorded here on this keyboard.
And the first course, I'm gonna play
the melody then I'm gonna play two solo
courses with using no overblows at all,
but following the chords and then I'm
gonna play two solo courses, using
overblows and then The Final Head Out.
And this track will be available for
you to play along with, as well.