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Harmonica Lessons: "Isn't She Lovely"

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Okay, now I'm gonna do a tune
by one of the great harmonica
players of all time.
One of the great musician,
amazing songwriter,
in a class of his own Mr. Stevie Wonder.
And sometimes I may ask to could
you play that Stevie tune or
try to sound like Stevie.
And I tell them well,
I can't really sound like Stevie for
many reasons but chief among them
that I can't sound like Stevie on
the harmonica as he plays the chromatic.
And he's managed to make the chromatic
sound really, really soulful.
What I heard is that he gets his
chromatics tuned up very sharp and
bends down into them to get that very,
very juicy tone that he gets out of it.
He doesn't move around that fast on them
but he plays all the right stuff and
manages to sound kinda like saxophone.
Almost like the way Junior Walker
sounded on saxophone.
It's very juicy tone.
I don't know which harmonica he used in
which positions on the different tunes.
I do know that he doesn't
just do everything on a C.
Isn't She Lovely is one
of his most famous tunes,
he takes a very simple harmonica solo and
it's really beautiful.
He plays it in F sharp.
I'm gonna play it in F,
just so we can use a C harp.
I'm gonna do it in first flat 12 position,
you do need to have an overblow.
then, there's
this lick.
It's a chromatic, it's a pentatonic scale.
In triplets.
So, I'm gonna play along
with the backing track and
this is something that if you
just learned how to do overblows,
I have to turn off my phone.
I'm so sorry everybody.
If you just learned how to do overblows,
this is a good one to learn because you
only need one overblow for this one.
Six draw, six overblow.
It's a nice tune to start playing with.
So, here we go, I'll play the track and
a little bit of an introduction.
One chorus too many for me but just some
things for you to listen to and check out.
>> Okay, now here's Isn't She Lovely,
in second position cross harp.
And also in B flat.
Now I'm gonna modulate from G
to B flat on the C harmonica.
Instead of doing the whole lesson all
in one, playing it in F, G, and B flat.
But, if you want to,
now you can play Isn't She Lovely
in three keys on one harmonica.
You can put the two
backing tracks together.
Do them one after another and
be able to do it this way.
you don't need any overblows.
then in B flat it's
you need the fourth hole overblow
because B flat is a third hole
draw bent down a half step.
if you're going
to play that
lick you'll
need the six
And it actually sounds good for
a diatonic.
In these keys and here we go.
up a
into B
It's kind of minor cross harp.
The first
whoa, went
to the next one,
So that's a track you can practice on,
going up from G to B flat,
Isn't She Lovely.