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Harmonica Lessons: "Little Wing"

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This is Jimi Hendrix tune Little Wing.
Its a real beautiful tune with very simple
chords, one of those late 60s classics.
Very original sounding piece of music.
But its really simple.
I'm gonna play it on a G harp,
in D and B minor.
The only notes in the melody really
are the notes along the pentatonic scale.
It's B minor or
D major.
You can look at the pentatonic scale unit
and learn a little bit more about that.
One, two, three, five, six of major.
And the chords of this tune.
B minor.
D major, E minor.
B minor and now F sharp minor.
And just a little passing chord.
To G.
D to C.
G to A.
And it's simple and repetitive, but
he's playing so creatively, and
he's doing such interesting things,
that you're not aware for
the fact that it's just the same
chords over and over again.
So I'm gonna do my own
little version of it with
this electric piano sound here and
a little verb.
Verb, [LAUGH] he has a real nice
introduction, it's something like this.
You could use the over blows if you
don't know.