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Harmonica Lessons: "You've Got a Friend"

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So this is a tune that I actually
got to play with the woman who wrote it.
Carole King who is
a lovely human being and
I was playing some sorta benefit
concert for I can't remember who.
With Kenny Loggins in Sun Valley,
Idaho or Lake Tahoe,
I guess it was Lake Tahoe,
I guess they're the same place.
I don't remember any more.
And it was a skiing event,
and I don't ski folks.
But I was out there to play music,
and Kenny and
Carole did this tune together and
I got to play the harmonica solo on it.
And it's really a great feeling.
The song, You've Got A Friend and
James Taylor made it famous.
But Carole, she's written so
many fantastic,
beautiful songs that are the pop
music equivalent of standards.
I mean stuff like, that you go, that song.
And then you say that, and
then you go, Carole King wrote that,
and there's a whole
bunch of them like that.
Because she's just a naturally gifted
human being who writes great music.
So I'm going to play it in G on a G harp,
the first position.
So this is a lesson for
beginning harmonica players.
But I'm also gonna give it,
I'm gonna bend a few notes.
I can't help myself.
Normally, I'd probably play it in cross.
I just did two choruses of it here, and
I did not put in the little section
about they'll take you if you let them,
and blah blah blah blah blah.
There's a little funny little bridge
in there that has some sorta strange
rhythm in it.
And I just wanted to play the basic
part of the tune for you and
not confused anybody with that.
But you can play that part as well.
If you look up the tune somewhere and
learn the rest of it.
I did it with a feel that's
a combination between pop music and
a little bit Brazilian.
I just can't help myself sometimes.
So here it comes.
With a little introduction and
interludes between the verses.
Can't help
bending six
draw there.
I bent
I couldn't help myself.
But you don't need to bend
notes to play this melody.
And improvise.
Just play the scale.
James Taylor
sings this.
This is sixth over blown.