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Harmonica Lessons: "On the Road Again" A Harp

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All right,
this is a real classic tune.
Willie Nelson, On The Road Again.
Willie has written In so many great
songs in so many different styles.
Things that you wouldn't
even know were his.
He wrote The Night Life Ain't
No Good Life, But It's My Life,
I mean stuff like people
Ray Charles recorded his tunes.
So this On the Road Again,
is kind of a country road anthem,
and it features some really tasty little
fills by my friend Mickey Rafael,
who's a great harp player who's played
with Willie now, for I don't even want to
know how may years, at least 30 years,
is an integral part of Willie Nelson's
band sound, there's always this really
soulful harp on there, and that's Mickey.
So this tune is in E And
it has some irregular amounts of bars,
like a lot of country tunes do they
sing as long as the words go, and
then you go onto the next little
section and hit the next chord, and
it feels perfectly natural,
it's a two beat, boom chick, boom chick,
on the road again, so I'm gonna play
it in E, that's the original key.
And the chords are E,
this is an intermediate tune.
[SOUND] It goes to the three.
[SOUND] Which happens to be G sharp seven.
Boy, it's not a chord you wanna
look at on a piece of paper.
It's the three chord, and then to
the two chord, which is F sharp minor.
[SOUND] And then the four and
the five, and the one, but
when it goes to that three chord,
this is a hard chord to play across harp.
We immediately have a wrong note.
You want to hear.
If it was any other instrument,
guitar player would play.
But harp players,
unless you can do over blows and
over draws, you can't play the right notes
to the changes when you're playing in
cross harp when that chord happens.
So I'm just gonna err on the side
of soulfulness and just wail on
one note that fits when I play a solo,
and be careful while I play fills.
So this is one of those things where,
if you're playing a cross harp and
a chord comes along that's out of
the scale that you're playing in,
you gotta just be real careful not to rail
away on a bluesy lick and sound ignorant.
No other instrument would do that.
So I'm gonna play On the Road Again,
and then it goes to the four cord.
To a one, to the four, and then the five.
So all the other ones are fine,
you can play normal fills, but
that chord you have to be careful,
it's the second chord in the tune.
Okay, here we go.
Third hole,
I'm doing
Now the four approach.
So I tagged
it three
that I
had done
So simple tune, and
you can play those country licks, those.
It's that bluesy thing on the third hole,
you can play some bluesy licks on
the first chord, but you have to be
careful when that second chord comes
that you don't hit the wrong notes.
Fun tune to play, it's got great lyrics,
and if any of you wanna sing it and
play some harp fills with yourself, that's
a fun way to play how to play a tune.
It's a good tune to play,
so have fun with it.